Top Roofing Companies - Shingles Roof Direct Coping with COVID-19
How Did We Cope With COVID-19?

During this unprecedented and challenging time of COVID-19 pandemic, our hearts are with those people and businesses who have been affected by this unfortunate situation. A survey from National Roofing Contractors Association revealed that about 52% of roofing companies had been seriously impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are all facing difficulties brought about by this challenging situation. However, we are determined to continue our high quality services for customers who are in need of roofing repair or roofing installation in Indian Trail NC and other neighboring cities.

Shingles Roof Direct has taken extraordinary measures to ensure our continuous services like roofing repairs and roofing installation in NC. We are now employing aggressive but systematic sanitation and social distancing procedures for our clients and employees.

We are now accepting COVID-19 specific requests from our customers.

Transactions like consultations, inquiry, contract signing and payments can be done without physical contact.

Our commercial and residential roofing clients in Charlotte, Indian Trail and other parts of NC can directly reach us through our phone line (704.320.1896), Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or any video conferencing platforms that’s convenient for them. 

We are flexible enough to accommodate any of our clients’ social distancing requests. We’ll make sure that our roofing specialists follow a strict protocol of cleanliness and social distancing during face to face meetings. 

For instance, a roof repair in Indian Trail NC requires inspections. In this situation, our roofing specialist will be wearing protective gears like masks, goggles and gloves. All the tools and equipment that they will use have been properly sanitized as well.

We will email a comprehensive proposal and contract to be signed using DocuSign after an online or physical consultation. We will then send clients an electronic invoice with a link from which they can safely make online payments.

COVID-19 Roofing Protocols

Proper Sanitation

Shingles Roof Direct, one of the leading roofing companies in NC, is taking preventive measures to ensure the safety of our clients and employees. We always make sure that all our trucks, inventory and tools are properly sanitized. We are also doubling our efforts by having on-site sanitation before and after the daily operations.

Staff and Client Safety

Our employees’ safety is our paramount concern. If we take care of them, we are also taking care of our clients. We are regularly checking our staff’s condition to see if they have any symptoms, before deploying them to our project site. We are also making sure that they are wearing protective gears like masks, gloves and goggles. 

Strategic Building or Home Access Points

During the consultation, we will discuss the client’s building or home’s access points. With this, we can strategically minimize any possibility of infection or interior interactions with the client’s family member or employees. This is very critical especially for hospital roofing repairs or maintenance.

Statement of Travel History

This will be discussed during the consultation. Knowing our clients and staff’ travel history is very important. Transparency in this aspect can help us prepare effectively. This will be strictly implemented before and during a roofing project.

Appropriate Time and Staff Restrictions

We make extra effort to ensure that on-site tasks are done efficiently. This will minimize the time of stay in every project location. In addition, we have implemented rotating schedules to reduce the number of people in a single location and to separate individuals in common teams as much as possible.

Our Message to Our Clients

Shingles Roof Direct has been through many calamities and challenging times all these years. With faith in God, optimism and perseverance, we are able to adapt to every difficult situation. We understand that every difficult situation eventually turns out for the best.

SRD will remain committed in providing the best roofing services and utmost safety to all our clients. We are focused on giving the best quality of roofing jobs and roofs. Our team will constantly strive to be one of the best roofing companies in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.

We hope that you’ll also continue to have faith in us when it comes to roof replacement, roof leaks, maintenance and installations.

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