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/ About us

We’ve served Indian Trail, Matthews and other Charlotte suburbs for over 14 years with a commitment to install every roofing material we handle so our customer’s get more than the expected warranty. We say, “If the manufacturer warrants the materials for 30 years, you should still have a good roof at 30 years when you follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.”

We’re also a local, family-owned company. We’re big enough to handle any job, yet small enough to respond quickly to your needs. We’re at that size where you work directly with the owner on every roofing job—and we plan to stay that way.

Our goal isn’t to become the biggest roofing company in the Charlotte area. Why? Because we value being able to respond quickly. We’ve also seen the downside of having general contractors between the roofer and the customer—inconvenient scheduling for the homeowner, trouble getting warranty issues taken care of, and more.

We believe you deserve better. So you can expect one-on-one service that fits your schedule. You can also expect professionalism, competency and a warranty you can trust.

Residential and Commercial Roofing

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/Areas We Serve

Shingle Roof Direct proudly serves Union and Mecklenburg County. Are you located in Indian Trail, Monroe, Waxhaw, Weddington, Stallings or Mint Hill North Carolina? Give us a call today for your Free In-Home Estimate.

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/ Experts Directly To You

The best roofing material is only as good as the knowledge applied by your roofing contractor. For example, if we depend only on sealants while we’re installing a metal roof, you’ll have trouble before the manufacturer’s warranty runs out.

You can depend on us to use the right techniques for each type of roof and roofing material. And you can expect us to do the job efficiently and quickly. Most roofing jobs will take from one to three days.


Hail reports in the Charlotte area can range anywhere from 2 to 14 a year. Severe winds also hit the area. Both hail and wind can damage a roof without leaving any evidence at ground level. It takes a closer inspection to tell if your roof needs repairs or not.

The typical homeowner’s insurance policy covers most types of storm damage. However, you need to gather supporting evidence before a roofing claim will be approved.

  • Write about your experience of the storm, especially if you were at home.
  • Gather proof that the storm occurred by purchasing a local newspaper and saving links to local TV reports.
  • Prove your roof was damaged by taking pictures.
  • Call us to be your advocate when the insurance adjuster comes out to inspect your roof

We are experienced with insurance roof claims, and know how to relieve you of the anxiety of dealing with insurance. We work directly with insurance companies, direct billing them, so all you have to do is enjoy your repaired roof, without the lost sleep insurance hassles so often cause.

/ Free Roof Repair Estimates

We’ll look at your roof and give you an honest assessment of whether repairs are a viable way to go¬—at no cost to you. If a repair is only going to fix your problem temporarily, we’ll let you know, so you can make the decision that works for you.Our estimate will include:

  • The type of repairs needed
  • The time it will take to complete the repairs
  • The list of materials required to complete the repairs and their cost

We supply all materials and labor, and we leave your property clean. The only evidence we were there will be a repaired roof. All debris associated with our repair is hauled away.

/ Only The Best Materials

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice in North Carolina, because they cost less than metal roofing materials. They also offer a wide range of style and color choices, as well as warranties that last anywhere from 20 years to lifetime. Whether you choose the most basic and economical shingle style (3-tab) or one of the upgraded architectural or dimensional shingle style, rest assured we only install shingles produced by dependable companies who offer a track record of high quality and durability—manufacturers like Owens Corning, Tamko, GAF, VELUX SKYLIGHTS and Certainteed. These companies have a range of shingle choices which measure up to your expectations.

Metal Roofs

Today, a metal roof no longer means your home needs to look like an industrial shop. Gone are the days where corrugated or standing-seam panels were your only options. Now you can have style along with fire resistance, longevity and fast installation.

While metal roofing materials cost more than asphalt (composite) shingles, it’s important to consider the long-term costs. A metal roof can last from 40 to 60 years! . In addition, metal roofing may also lower your energy costs, depending on your home’s design.

We take special care with all our metal roof installations, because the proper installation method ensures the potential to exceed life expectancy is present for every roof we work on.

/ types of Metal Roofing


Materials: 24GA. Steel, 0.32 Aluminum and 16OZ Copper. 30 Year Paint Warranty Finish Kynar or Hylar 5000 two coat fluoropolymer with more than 30 stock colors.

/ 5-V

Materials: 24GA. Steel, 0.32 Aluminum and 16OZ Copper. 30 Year Paint Warranty Finish Kynar or Hylar 5000 two coat fluoropolymer with more than 30 stock colors.


Materials: 24GA. Steel, 0.32 Aluminum and 16OZ Copper. 30 Year Paint Warranty Finish Kynar or Hylar 5000 two coat fluoropolymer with more than 30 stock colors.

/ Steel

Steel’s primary advantage is lower cost up front when compared to other metal roofing types. Steel roofing comes in a variety of options and profiles.

Steel absorbs less heat than asphalt. If you also choose a light color, you will see a significant drop cooling costs during the warmer months. However, this metal isn’t as corrosion resistant as other metal types, especially under exposure to high moisture or sea air.

Manufacturers have typically overcome this by hot-dipping steel in zinc—a process known as galvanizing. G-60 and G-90 steel are two types of galvanized steel, with G-90 being higher quality. However, both types of steel are cheaper than those which are treated with zinc and aluminum (Galvalume).

Steel offers two additional benefits—it’s both highly fire resistant and strong. With proper installation, it withstands winds up to 110 – 150 mph.

/ Aluminium

Aluminum’s primary advantage is its malleability. Far more complex designs may be achieved with aluminum than with steel, which makes it an excellent choice for simulating shingles, tiles, shakes and slate. However, malleability can be a disadvantage on standing seam and corrugated roofing materials. Aluminum requires a thicker gauge to maintain its shape. This increases its cost.

However, aluminum offers superior corrosion resistance when you compare it to steel roofing products. Once painted, aluminum remains beautiful for years.

Another advantage is aluminum’s lighter weight. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for older homes with smaller rafters and wider rafter spacing. It also releases heat quickly, so it reduces summer cooling costs.

Aluminum must be installed with the proper underlayment and sheathing to attain Class A fire rating, otherwise it isn’t considered a fire-resistant roof.

/ Copper

Copper is possibly the most attractive roofing material of all. As its bright new penny appearance ages into a blue-green, its curb appeal never wanes. If you plan to pass your home on to the next generation, then copper is a wise investment in your home’s value.

Additional advantages offered by this metal are its durability, reduced heat retention and light weight. Copper is also a malleable metal, so it comes in many tile styles as well as panels.

Copper has a reputation for being an expensive roofing material, however it costs a fraction per square foot over tile roofing and offers considerably more durability in storm conditions. In fact, copper roofing can be so durable it lasts for centuries.


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/ Only The Best Roofing Warranties

Manufacturer + Installation = Satisfaction = Warranty


We begin with the manufacturer’s warranty.


We continue with quality installation methods.


We remain until you are satisfied with your roof.


We resolve any issues which arise for the term of the manufacturer’s warranty.

/ The Best Craftsmanship

Your roof protects your most valuable asset. That means every person who touches it needs to be excellent at what they do.

That drive for excellence is one of the reasons we went into business. We see our team as an asset worth investing in. That’s why we offer continuous training. Not only does it keep our standards high. It builds morale.

After all, there’s nothing more rewarding for us than a job done well.


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